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Ken Kenjale

Ken Kenjale, independent consultant, has 42 years of worldwide software services experience, from programmer to CTO, Head of Delivery, CEO and Board Member. He has first-hand experience in most company areas, including R&D, patents, systems architecture, product development and maintenance, IT, BPO, marketing, opening new markets, sales to large and small organizations worldwide, complex solutions, contracts, legal strategy, physical and systems infrastructure setup, recruitment, compensation structuring, training, OD, HR, project and engagement management, delivery management, multi-site and offshore services, cross-cultural communication, starting new products and services, investment in startups, startup company management and support, methodologies, quality management, operational and financial projections, reporting and control systems, P&L management, corporate strategic planning and plan execution, mentoring small company owners and CEOs and board matters.

After his MS Computer Science from IIT Kanpur, India in 1974, Ken worked for 14 years at Tata Consultancy Services based in Mumbai, India, 17 years at Syntel, Inc. based in Troy, Michigan and has been an independent consultant for 12 years. During this period, Ken has helped start and manage technology startups. He has first-hand experience in most generations of software and systems life-cycles.

Managed up to 3,500 IT and support people worldwide (200 engagements, $180 million/year revenue); helped sell and manage a $100 million deal (400 people, 4 years) in the early nineties; competed with the largest players and sold and managed a single development project worth $25 million; managed a single development project with 150 people; conceptualized and set up 7 new client services practices and 10 internal groups; helped sell the then-largest deals for TCS and Syntel; managed over 500 solutions and proposals to client requirements and evolved solutions and proposal groups; has 20 years of corporate planning; M&A; investments; incubation of multiple startups; small-company planning; legal support; set up 2 US development centers, one US branch, one country operation, 3 India centers; chief architect level skills encompassing hardware, system software, environmental software, networks, data, applications and business processes;functional and quality requirements; created methodologies; original research and publications in error-correcting codes, secrecy transformations and human response time.

Countries worked in, for sales, managerial and technical roles: The US, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Israel, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.