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Dr. David J. Brophy

Dr. David J. Brophy is Professor of Finance and a member of the Finance Faculty and the Entrepreneurial Studies Faculty at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan where he teaches courses in financing technology-based startups, venture capital, private equity and valuation. He also serves as Director of the University of Michigan Center for Venture Capital and Private Equity Finance.

Brophy is an active researcher in the fields of finance and entrepreneurship. His current research is focused upon the study of private equity finance in a global setting, the venture capital investment and private placement process, and entrepreneurial finance. He also is founding director of two leading international private equity conferences: the University of Michigan Growth Capital Symposium (venture capital-oriented) and the University of Michigan Global Private Equity Conference (corporate growth and buyout oriented).

He is active in venture capital, private equity and entrepreneurship in the US and globally. He assists emerging mid-sized companies in managing and funding their growth.

He is author of the book Finance, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, and has published a large number of research papers in this and other aspects of finance. He is a founding member of the editorial board of the Journal of Private Equity, the Journal of Business Venturing and the International Journal of Venture Capital and is currently completing a book titled Principles of Venture Capital and Private Equity. Brophy has twice won the National Association of Small Business Investment Companies Research Award in recognition of his pioneering research on venture capital finance.

Brophy has extensive experience in Executive Education. He was the founding director of the University of Michigan School of Banking and co-founder of the Finance for the Non- Financial Manager program. He has also served as a contributing member of the faculty of the Venture Capital Institute, a management education institute presented annually by the National Venture Capital Association and the National Association of Small Business Investment Companies to train partners and associates of their member firms.

Brophy has been a consultant to a variety of government agencies in the U.S., Australia, France, India and Russia and has served on the Governor's Commission on High Technology in Michigan. He is active in the development of policy regarding the University's role in technology transfer, entrepreneurial activity, and venture capital investment. He has been a member of the University of Michigan Economic Development Council as well as Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Michigan Investment Fund (a venture capital investment fund).

He has served as Scholar in Residence at the Ewing M. Kauffman Foundation Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership in Kansas City, MO. Dr. Brophy has also served as consultant to the State of Michigan Task Force on Venture Capital and is a founding director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association.