• Welcome to Kyyba Xcelerator

Kyyba Xcelerator -- a global second stage accelerator.

We are investing in new technologies and enabling business and technology acceleration in connected mobility.

Kyyba Xcelerator -- a startup accelerator helping companies scale, and take their technologies and product development to the next level!

We are passionate about exceptional ideas.

We accelerate your product, not just your business plan

We consider ourselves fortunate that we get the opportunity to work with great people across the globe.

Welcome To Kyyba Xcelerator

The most important step in the process of starting up a business is 'the idea', the key concept behind that business. However, every business needs more than an idea. Actually a lot more than an idea is required to convert into a real business that can generate revenue. That is where "Kyyba Xcelerator" comes in -- a second stage global accelerator".

Kyyba Xcelerator is looking to make investments in technologies and applications in connected cars, autonomous vehicle, mobility, and transportation.

We not only work hard to remove all the required but unfamiliar aspects of the business such as legal, financial, infrastructure, and compliance, but also collaborate with you on technology acceleration to bring your ideas to fruition.

Our Team